Streamlined Checkout Page


An e-commerce platform wanted to create a new checkout process where the user would not have to go to a cart page first, but could complete their entire order on the checkout page. Working with other designers on our team, we updated the cart and checkout flow of existing e-commerce templates to be more streamlined and modern.


After discussing the best user experience, we drew and mocked designs that would give our customers a more user-friendly experience.

Option 2

We fully mocked this design.

Option 1

We did not complete the drawings for this option as we realized having the labels left aligned was not the optimal layout.




Version 1: 50/50

This version had the screen divided down the middle but found that depending on the order size, the user would have to either scroll to keep filling out information or scroll to see all of their products. We decided this was not the right design as it left a lot of blank space if the user wasn't ordering a very particular number of products.



Anna Groman