Anna Groman



Broads abroad


Moving abroad is hard.

It doesn’t matter what you moved abroad for - whether you moved for education or for work or just to have a new experience, you have had the point in your life when you were sitting at home and thought this can’t be it for the rest of my life.

There is a whole world out there - why not explore it?

One small problem: you don’t know anyone there.

SOLUTION: An app that helps people connect based on commonalities, shared past moves, and friends in common

Streamlined Checkout

Challenge: get clients through checkout faster

Instead of having clients go to the cart and then click through to the checkout page, BrightStores wanted to redesign the checkout process so users could complete their entire order on one checkout page.

Solution: a simple one page checkout



BrightStores Admin Redesign

Challenge: While the storefronts being designed at brightstores have become more modern, the software on the admin side is outdated

As this project has not been launched yet, I cannot show these screens here but if you would like to see parts of this project in the meantime, please contact me and I can then send you a passcode to view the work I have done so far!

Solution: use ux methods to improve usability and Redesign the admin so it is more modern in appearance and functionality

OrderPromos Simple Store

Challenge: create a solution for clients looking for a store aimed at hosting less products

BrightStores clients wanted to be able to offer simpler storefronts without categories. Thus Simple Stores was born! This new platform offers users all products on one page and a combined cart and checkout page for a faster online shopping experience.

Solution: a simple 2-page store with streamlined checkout process



Checkout Fields Redesign

Challenge: improve the checkout shipping and billing sections for a more user-friendly experience

BrightStores, an e-commerce platform, had not revised the checkout process for clients in several years. As such, the shipping and billing sections were outdated in layout and needed a redesign.

Solution: a more modern layout that uses space efficiently and is more intuitive based on other e-commerce solutions